Voter Representation

Lodi has grown rapidly over these past few decades, and Lodi’s government has been struggling to keep up. I want to continue providing transparency and accountability, and bring Mexican-American representation for the first time in Lodi’s history, as MALDEF fought for three years ago! The LatinX community is the second largest population in Lodi, California, and even all of the USA, and now it’s time to get fair representation.

Some of the way Hector wishes to bring further accountability is by allowing the citizens of Lodi to elect the Mayor. Currently, Lodi’s city council appoints one of themselves to be Mayor for one year. It’s time to reform the system to allow all of Lodi to elect our Mayor to a term of four years, with a two term limit.

Additionally, Council Members must be held to term limits to allow for new representation and fresh perspectives.

Finally, a process to replace a Council Member must be enacted, and all this information must be open and easily accessible to the public.

All of this should be discussed via several town halls. It can be accomplished with or without the help of the City Council. If the Council does not vote to enact these measures, they can be put on the ballot for the citizens of Lodi to decide.