District 5

Lodi, California is divided into five districts (as of 2018, Ordinance 1949). Hector Madrigal is running to be the representative of District 5, which covers most of the south- and east-side of Lodi. Refer to the map below for highlighted neighborhoods and businesses. Even though Hector will be the Council Member for District 5, he will be in contact and working with organizations all across Lodi.

District 5 includes seven established parks, and one park that has been forgotten and left undeveloped for 30 years.

  • Century Meadows Park
  • Beckman Park
  • English Oak Commons
  • End of Century Park
  • Salas Park
  • Borchardt Park
  • Reynolds Ranch Park / Orchard Lane Park
  • Pixley Park (undeveloped)

The DMV office and Lodi Unified School District office are also located in District 5, as are a handful of schools:

  • Beckman Elementary School
  • Century School
  • Lodi Montessori
  • Lois E. Boarchardt Elementary School