COVID-19 Response

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is the primary reason Hector Madrigal ran for office this election year. So many of our leaders panicked and left their citizenry in the dark to fend for themselves. Hector promises Lodi’s City Government will never abandon its people under his leadership. All sectors of government must continue working and meeting regularly and transparently. This can be done in person with existing health guidelines or through virtual meetings that must be posted regularly online, without any cuts or interruptions in the video. We as representatives and government workers are servants to the people.

Unfortunately, due to this global pandemic, the economy is in shambles. Whoever is elected into office must deal with the fallout from the Coronavirus Depression. That includes high unemployment, reduced income, reduced government funds, new government regulations from the state and county health officials, and the possibility of a viral outbreak in the city just to name a few. At this time we are loosing so many expenses toward the city. Hotels are vacant because everyone is staying at home. We’ve lost 10-15% of our sales tax, and we’ve lost 10-20% of business license fees. We must think outside the box to allow businesses to thrive, and Government must accommodate our small businesses as they make a transition to new health guidelines.