Hector Madrigal

for Lodi City Council District 5

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The Issues

Voter Representation

All of Lodi should elect our Mayor to a term of four years, with a maximum of two terms. Additionally, Council Members must be held to term limits to allow the next generation and diverse representation. Finally, a process to replace a Council Member must be put into place, and all of this information should be easily available to the public. This can be done with the help of the current City Council, or can be placed on the ballot for the people of Lodi to decide.

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Mental Health Assistance

Mental health has been ignored in our society for too long. Hector wants to change our system and create preventative care with nurses, social workers, and mental health technicians instead of bringing in the police and filling our prisons.

Criminal Justice Reform

Hector has been working with San Joaquin County Together and other organizations to identify core problems in today’s police. The Lodi police department should take these necessary steps to prevent any excessive force, foster a relationship with the community, and eliminate racial injustice. Moreover, Hector believes further training and education is necessary for all police officers.


Supporting Teachers and schools

Hector knows education is incredibly important for the future of any society. Before he studied politics, Hector’s plan was to become a teacher. To this day he supports teachers and wants to do everything possible to ensure the education, safety, and future of all children in Lodi Unified School District.

Solutions to the Homeless Community

The homelessness issue requires solutions on multiple fronts, and Hector has been communicating with leaders around the county to address these problems. In addition to fixing the cracks in our society that lead to homelessness, Hector wants to create a day center for our homeless community to meet with social workers, receive the medication they may require, undertake job and life training if they choose, store their items while they are working or running errands, charge their phones, and more. Additionally, resources for both homeless and housed citizens must be created and easily accessible to everyone.

COVID-19 Health and Economic Management

We are still in the middle of a global pandemic which has resulted in high unemployment, reduced income, new government regulations from the state and county health officials, and a spike in cases that has crippled our local hospital.

Under Hector’s leadership he will ensure the Lodi government looks after the health and well being of the community. PSAs must be created to educate the public. Boards, commissions, and committees must continue to meet regularly and transparently. And additional funds must be secured from the county supervisors before they expire!



Support Hector Madrigal in his campaign to bring true reform that will benefit all people of Lodi. Checks and contributions can be sent to:

Hector Madrigal for Lodi City Council 2020
Committee ID #1427304
P.O. Box 1073, Woodbridge, CA 95258

Online donations can be made at Act Blue by clicking the button below.

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Who is Hector Madrigal?


Hector Madrigal was brought up in Lodi from the age of 9, and since then he has been integrated in this community.

He studied at public schools here in town, graduating from Liberty High in 2005. His very first job was delivering newspapers for the Lodi News Sentinel before attending middle school. As a young adult, he participated in Youth Group activities with St. Anne’s Church where he discussed faith with people of various backgrounds.

After high school, Hector continued his studies at San Joaquin Delta College. His original goal was to become a teacher to support public education, but he altered his plans to government and law in order to have a more integral role in supporting the community and highlighting the ideas that will progress our society.

While in college, he founded The Olive Branch, a politics and news channel where he discussed both national and local issues, and even broke a news story on the Stockton primary election while interning with Stockton’s Mayor Michael Tubbs. And together with the FACCC, students from Delta College’s Political Science Department advocated for additional funding to California’s Community Colleges.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic closed all schools during Hector’s final semester at Delta College. The poor response to the virus by all levels of Government was what urged him to run for City Council here and now.

To this day Hector is working alongside those from our community to create solutions to local problems. Members of the Delta College Politics, Law, and Society Club continue making informative videos on Hector’s new media channel, The Olive Branch. And he is connecting local leaders and organizations together as a part of a new coalition called San Joaquin County Together.

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We Endorse Hector Madrigal and his campaign for City Council

  • Kat Ellis: LUSD Instructor
  • Brian Young: Retired Cal-OSHA, PE-CG
  • Joseph Villarreal: Cal-Trans – District 10
  • Ali Victoria Sapirman: FACCC Student Engagement
  • Kimberly Bozeman: Small Business Owner
  • Sandra Vargas: Lodi Improvement Committee
  • Jose Nava: Owner of Stay Sharp Barbershop
  • Job Sanchez: Owner of Casa Mexicana
  • Dr. Kenneth Delu: Owner of Delu Chiropractic